Austrian Airlines expanding Premium Economy Class to meet customer demand


Austrian Airlines has announced that it is increasing the size of its Premium Economy Class in order to meet the growing demand for more comfortable travel options. The Premium Economy Class was introduced just four years ago, but it has quickly become a product highlight for the airline. The new expansion will see the Premium Economy Class increase to 40 seats on each of the airline’s six Boeing B777 aircraft.

The Premium Economy Class has proven to be popular with both leisure and business travelers, and Austrian Airlines is responding to this demand by expanding the class. Work will begin on upgrading the aircraft in the spring, and the new seats will be available from May. The smaller long-haul aircraft operated by Austrian Airlines have already been increased in size, and the airline is now turning its attention to its larger planes.

Passengers can look forward to the same exclusive comfort seats that are used by the Lufthansa Group, as well as two 23kg pieces of checked baggage and a multi-course meal. The expansion of the Premium Economy Class will see it increase from 24 to 40 seats, and the Economy Class will also be expanded on some aircraft, from 258 to a new total of 320 seats.

However, the expansion of the Premium Economy Class will come at the expense of the Business Class, which will be reduced in size from 38 to 32 seats.

Overall, the expansion of the Premium Economy Class is a positive development for travelers who are looking for more comfortable travel options. The new seats will be available from May, and they can be booked now.

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