Greater Manchester Publishes Study on Green Technologies in Industry

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The above text describes the findings of a study on Greater Manchester’s green technologies and services sector. The study found that the sector is larger than the local advanced manufacturing, digital, creative and science and research and development sectors combined. The study also found that Greater Manchester’s green technologies and services sector is punching above its weight, and is home to the UKs third biggest green economy, behind London and the South East, with 4% of local sales coming from the sector.

The study highlights many strengths across the local supply chain but identified that Greater Manchester had experienced a slightly slower growth rate (7.1%) than the UK (7.4%). And within the same period globally the sector grew by 14%. The report identified a positive story about the sector; however, it can be seen that further investment is needed if Greater Manchester is to seize the opportunities that are presented by the net zero transition, particularly across renewable energy generation and storage.

Green Economy works with the sector in Greater Manchester through the GC Business Growth Hub, which provides funded support to small and medium enterprises in the region. The Growth Hub is proud to provide a full circle approach to carbon reduction, with its Sustainability and Net Zero team implementing resource efficiency measures on the journey to net zero, and with Green Economy growing the local network of suppliers that will deliver this transition.

  1. Green technology, also known as clean technology, is the application of one or more of environmental science, green chemistry, environmental monitoring and electronic devices to monitor, model and conserve the natural environment and resources.
  2. Green technology is a broad area that includes everything from solar and wind power to more efficient lighting and better battery technology.
  3. Many industries are turning to green technology to help them reduce their impact on the environment and become more sustainable.
  4. One of the most promising areas of green technology is in the area of renewable energy.
  5. Solar power, for example, is a renewable energy source that can be used to generate electricity without emitting pollution into the atmosphere.
  6. Wind power is another renewable energy source that is becoming increasingly popular as a way to generate electricity.
  7. Green technology is also being used to develop more efficient ways to use resources.
  8. One example is the development of waterless urinals, which can save a significant amount of water each year.
  9. Green technology is also being used to create more environmentally friendly products.
  10. Many companies are now using recycled materials to create products that are just as good as those made from new materials.

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