Latin American markets can grow despite inflation


In order to democratize traditional investments and bring financial education to the everyday Brazilian investor, XP Inc. (NASDAQ: XP) has looked to transform the Latin American market by providing greater access and transparency to innovative investment vehicles with a global reach. In May 2021, XP launched the Trend ETF Nasdaq 100 Index Investment Fund (NASD11), allowing investors in Brazil to access some of the world’s most innovative companies that comprise the Nasdaq-100 Index®.

XP’s strategic endeavors are driven by four core pillars: open-mindedness, entrepreneurial spirit and dreaming big, all of which are tied to the fourth pillar, providing the best services for their clients. As part of this mission, XP has expanded its product suite to include some of the most transformative investment vehicles, including funds focused on biotech, crypto, semiconductors, water and more.

One of XP’s most unique offerings is the Trend Água Tech fund. As an ESG-themed fund, Trend Água Tech provides exposure to the Invesco Water Resources ETF (PHO), which tracks the NASDAQ OMX US Water Index™ that is composed of 36 companies related to water conservation, treatment and pricing. With this thematic investment, Brazilian investors can construct a portfolio to protect against the risks of climate change related to the scarcity of water resources.

By continuously striving to keep their customers at the forefront of all of its strategic decisions and by listens to investors to determine what products might be missing from the Latin American markets, XP has been able to bring a wealth of innovative investment opportunities to the Brazilian market.

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